Mainstream Sexism: The Internets Says No

I’ve got a little free wordpress blog called Parnassus Writes. It’s in it infancy, but it’s basically a space to write about all of the other things I think/see/hear that don’t fit into the book blog category. I did a recent post there about some of the larger implications of the Rod Reese Affair from a few months ago and the 2 day old David Gilmour Affair. Here’s the first paragraph, and a link to it below.


It’s obvious to say that people say stupid shit all the time, on many different platforms, in many different media, in many different ways. Having to hear people say stupid shit is part of what it means to live in society (Also, see Congress). The problem, however, with two more recent and public examples, courtesy of Rod Reese and David Gilmour, is that stupid, unaware, and wildly sexist things were said on official publishing house websites, which means they were given a modicum of credible authority. Book culture is something that I hold very dear to my heart and it pains me to see things like this coming from a community that I love. But I was heartened by the near immediate and very public response from the collective internets, a community that I am part of but don’t always love…